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Fifty State Initiative

Last updated November with titles scheduled for release through January The Avengers has not historically included division for younger heroes, unlike the X-Men, whose entire premise was based upon a school. That made sense, since being an Avenger was a serious duty and frequently a job. And from a publishing standpoint, Avengers never had the cache to support more than a handful of titles. In the wake of Avengers Disassembled fundamentally altering the team, a group of teen heroes arose to take on the mantles of their heroes — some of whom had fallen in battle.

With the proverbial seal broken and the Avengers brand hotter than ever thanks to the stewardship of Brian Bendis, Marvel seized the opportunity for a decade-long run of titles focused on a next generation of Avengers.

Avengers: The Initiative #15

While the Young Avengers continued in a string of mini-series, an official training-squad was coined in Avengers: The Initiative, followed by an actual Avengers school in Avengers Academy. Name: Email address:. Includes Special 1. Also available in oversized hardcover ISBN Reprinted in as Complete Collection.

Also available in hardcover ISBN The Young Avengers title continued to be evoked for special events through Avengers: The Initiative until the launch of Avengers Academy which does not feature any of the same characters. Available in hardcover. In X-Men books, this occurs prior to Schism. Also available in oversized hardcover. Reprinted with seemingly no changes in a paperback.

Not a great find compared to 1, but still a nice one to have.

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With more than CGC graded examples at 9. But it's one most collectors would love to own. Read on for info. It can be easy to get excited when you see a Golden Record reprint of the mega Marvel keys from the early s.

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Even I have been fooled a couple of times! The big giveaway is the lack of a price box. It's an easy one to overlook when you see a high-grade key issue and your pulse begins to race See images below. The reprinted comics had slightly different covers, along with an LP record of the story.

While the Golden Record reprints are worth a fraction of the originals, they are still collectible -- especially since for many collectors, the original issues are well beyond their budget. Mint condition Golden Record comics are now highly sought-after.

Fifty State Initiative

They are often found in great shape, because the record protected the comic book from damage over the years. Avengers 11 Spider-Man Crossover and cover appearance. Another opportunity for Spider-Man collectors to get upset, or excited, depending on their budgets. Spider-Man looks a bit weird on the cover to be honest, and there are plenty about for collectors to own. If you have either tried and failed to make money flipping comic books, or are frustrated by the huge array of choice out there, then this is the eBook for you. It's packed with 32 in-depth analyses of easy-to-buy and sell comic books from the Bronze to Modern ages.

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These are titles we have personally made a lot of money buying and selling. So can you. Make more than your money back with your first successful trade or by NOT buying a losing book! If you are not completely satisfied, we have a day money-back guarantee. Briefly a huge deal before the second Avengers movie, Av 55 is now falling in value. But still definitely a key issue that most collectors want in their Avengers run. Avengers 69 1st brief Appearance of Squadron Sinister. Avengers Landmark issue; all old Team members reappear.

Avengers is a fine issue for collectors, as all the previous Avengers team members appear in this one comic! Avengers Black Widow joins the Avengers Team. Click for Black Widow comic price guide.

Avengers: The Initiative #28

Avengers 1st Nebula, Grand-Daughter of Thanos. Avengers comic collectors had better start saving up for a copy of Tales of Suspense It features not only the first Avengers crossover, but also the first X-Men crossover. This makes it appealing to both sets of collectors luckily for us all, Spider-Man stayed out of this issue!

It's a decent find if you've come across one. These were originally known as Avengers King-Size Specials.

Only by 6 did Marvel revert to calling them Annuals. As if the Avengers movie of were not enough, some characters from the movie have also had their own solo appearances. Throw in Nick Fury, and you've got the perfect blend of Marvel Comics characters to make this an irresistible team. If you've found a collection of old Avengers books and want to know how much they're worth, then please get in touch.

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  • Sell My Comic Books will be delighted to help you reach a valuation, and will also make a cash offer if you wish to sell your comics. Thor Comic Book Values Key issues featuring the otherworldly hero and his battles with Loki, their values and guides on getting a free appraisal. Find out the value of all the key appearances in his revival period.

    Value of Incredible Hulk comic books One of the founder members of The Avengers, Hulk is hugely popular with comic collectors. Find out values! Which comic books should you buy to take advantage of the Marvel Comics Eternals movie?